Friday, September 14, 2007

Digging up old ledes

I have a tendency to bury my ledes, putting my most inspired multimedia creations at the end of overlong posts, so for anyone who didn't bravely wade through my prose to hear the following, here are some personal favorites from posts past:
  1. Albert Herring fugue intro seemlessly turns into "I Could Have Danced All Night." (I'm particularly proud of how this one came together.) [original post]
  2. A movement from Stravinsky's Divertimento shuffled seemlessly into "I Feel Fine" on my iPod one day. It's recaptured here. [original post]
  3. One of my virtual singers sings Nessun dorma. Not only does he nail the B, he adds a D at the end and outlasts the orchestra. [original post]
  4. Maurizio Pollini has a triple espresso before playing a Chopin etude. [original post]
  5. Stravinsky, Bach, and Mozart meet The Simpsons. [original post]
And if you want more, just spin MM's Multimeda Musing Machine over there in the margin.

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Tina Boyer said...

You are very, very, very witty! Please keep it up! Amy