Thursday, February 18, 2016

Music and Lyrics, Paganini Edition

A Facebook friend recently posted about lyrics she'd written to go along with a Suzuki violin rep standard - which reminded me that I once wrote some Suzuki lyrics back when Daughter of MMmusing #1 was learning the Book 2 "Witches' Dance," which is based on a theme of Paganini. (Actually, I guess the tune is by the same Süssmayr who wrote parts of Mozart's Requiem!)

First of all, if you don't Paganini's variations on this tune, you should [theme starts at 3:00]:

I'm happy to say that DoM #1 is now working on Paganini Caprice #24, but back in the day, I wrote these words to help her learn the Suzukified Süssmayr/Paganini, and I was delighted to discover this morning that I'd recorded her singing the words.

Witches' Dance (lyrics by Michael Monroe)
I’m a little witchy,
I’m a little itchy,
When I feel all twitchy,
I like to dance all around. 
If you’re not too lazy,
you can dance like crazy,
I will show the way. See,
watch as my feet leave the ground. 
Now I am up in the air.
Now I am way over there.
Now there are birds in my hair, but
that’s fine with me, I don’t care. 
Now I’m feeling sleepy,
much too tired to keep me
flying, so I come back down. 
Now that I am rested,
all the birds that nested
in my hair and messed it up
all are flying away
but I do hope that they
will all come back to see me some day!