Friday, September 7, 2007


For anyone stopping by in response to this morning's panel discussion on Shalom, I'll try to add a few more relevant links later this afternoon.

UPDATE: OK, here's the scene from the end of "The Marriage of Figaro" that I mentioned. The sublime moment of reconciliation happens about 1:30 into the clip; this clip ends just before the rousing final chorus. If you want to try to "catch up" on the plot, you could go here.

The YouTube examples I found from Duruflé's Requiem didn't do much for me, but I highly recommend this fantastic recording (or on iTunes) that also features the beautiful Fauré Requiem. Each of these French works is famous for being more contemplative and comforting than the famous settings by Mozart, Berlioz, and Verdi. I had honestly forgotten how beautiful the Duruflé is, with its evocative use of Gregorian tunes, until I put the Robert Shaw CD on last night while prepping for today's talk.

[By the way, Fauré's Requiem will be performed on campus early in 2008, so be on the lookout for that; a wonderful expression of shalom in music.]

And, of course, Venezuela's joyful Orquesta Sinfónica Simón Bolívar can be seen in the post below.

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