Thursday, May 24, 2007

Self-imposed blogging exile

I just can't get the focus together to blog right now since I've got way too much grading to finish up. Grades are due Tuesday. My wife is scheduled to give birth to child #3 next Thursday. I'm figuring I should get the grades finished up sooner than later (which should have been three days ago). However, the grading process has given me several ideas to write about . . . I'll be back soon.

Incidentally, and more on the subject of blogging than music, I noticed that famed Boston Globe sports columnist Bob Ryan has just started his own blog. On the evidence of the linked entry, I'd say that's going to be a great thing. Ryan is a terrific writer, but more and more I find the canned newspaper article format to be . . . well, canned. Ryan also happens to be an excellent radio/TV talking head and the kind of writer who clearly still loves sports with a fan's heart. Those qualities come through beautifully in his first lengthy blog entry, which is full of many great tidbits that probably wouldn't have made the cut in a column. (Constraints aren't always a good thing, although Christoph B├╝chel still needs to learn to play nice. Oooh, I have so much to say about that . . .)

Among the many shortsighted and closeminded things asserted by Richard Schickel in this recent opinion piece is that blogging is more a form of speech than of writing. (Technically, he's quoting someone else.) Without question I think Ryan's skills as a conversationalist make him an excellent blogger - but so do his skills as a writer. It's a silly (and, of course, self-protective) dichotomy that Schickel endorses, but I'm glad to see an old guard type like Ryan is not afraid to try something new.

Oh yeah, I'm not supposed to be doing this right now . . . I'm supposed to be grading writing that, as it happens, is usually much too conversational and desperately in need of more attention to constraints such as logic, factuality, having-a-point, etc.


Hugh Sung said...

Hope you're not away for too long - i'm enjoying your blog immensely and have it added to my RSS feed reader! Best wishes to you and your wife for your next child, and for a soft landing from another school year! Take care!


Thanks, Hugh, it's nice to hear from you. I'm a big fan of your site, and I've learned a lot there. As you may note, I've already broken my no-blogging pledge, but the grading is coming along well.