Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hiatus Loophole

See, this isn't really a blog post, so I'm still on hiatus (although I've already cheated thrice). It's just that Jeremy Denk recently issued a remarkably pointless and ridiculous challenge to the classical blogosphere. At first I just ignored it. "He's gone too far," I thought. [sigh] But I cannot resist the siren's song of the pointless and/or ridiculous, so now I've got this on my hands. We can only hope I heed the subtle message of Norm the Cat.

[UPDATE: Norman Lebrecht once said the nutritional value of a classical blog is "lower than a bag of crisps." Well, you know you can't eat just one, so now I've posted this over on Think Denk, mere minutes after the first one. Speaking of fiddlin . . .]

[UPDATE2: Here's one more. Now I have a matched set for my sonnetz.]

[UPDATE3: OK, this is really it. No more crisps for me . . . today.]

[UPDATE4: Now, all in one place!]

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