Thursday, May 31, 2007

MM's Magical Multimedia Musing Machine

In these first 100 or so plus days of blogging, I recently realized I've created a good bit of my own multimedia content. Then, I apparently had a stroke and decided to create what you see (hopefully) spinning to your right. I spent way too much time putting this silly little thing together; but, if you've stumbled on this blog recently, it's a fun way to stumble through interesting entries from the past. Just click on the crazily spinning icon and see where the magic takes you. You may hear music, you may see some oddly crafted image, you may get taken offsite. You never know, but hopefully I'll keep adding stuff as times goes by. Happy spinning!

P.S. I'll move it off the top of the page soon, just in case you're worried that staring at it too long will do you harm.

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