Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Dread Inspirer Roberts

I mentioned at the end of that lengthy last post that I was glad to have ended it weakly so that I'd be sure to have a blogtopic for another day. I've been blogging for less than three months, but almost from the beginning I've had that sensation that one day soon all the ideas would be gone. Much like working for the Dread Pirate Roberts, I feel like the writing muse says to me after each post, "Well done. Thanks for hearing me out. I'll most likely abandon you in the morning." What's worse is that, whereas it might seem to be a good idea to save some posts up for the winter, there's a sort of manna-principle at work. I actually have quite a few saved partial posts, yet it's very hard to light a spark under them once they've been stuck in the drafts folder for too long. Meanwhile, if I let a couple of days pass, it feels like I can barely remember how to put two words together.

I know, I'm not expressing anything that any writer or other creative type hasn't experienced on a more or less daily basis but, hey, it's giving me something to write about. By the way, the Dread Pirate Roberts analogy works in many different situations. When, about six years ago, I first grew the beard that I still sport, I'd often look at it in the mirror and think, "Nice job, beard, thanks for making me feel more professorial. I'll most likely shave you in the morning." And it's still here, so maybe there's hope for my continued efforts to multiply words. In the mean time, I still haven't tidied up the end of the last post, so that gives me something to work on tomorrow . . . not to mention all the half-baked potential in that drafty folder.

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