Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Rose of Spring

Today was Rite of Spring today in one of my classes - no, no pagan sacrifices, just some Stravinsky which just happened to bring to mind another great tune theft. I don't remember when it first occurred to me (years ago) that the famous opening bassoon solo seems to anticipate La vie en rose, but it's a pretty obvious connection, even if the similarities have more to do with general gestalt-ness of shape than exact duplication of intervals.

[Click on the examples to hear them played.]

They also both have Parisian associations, and the sultry high register of the bassoon is at least as distinctive as Edith Piaf's freaky timbre. Again, I wasn't able to Google much mention of this pairing, but I'm intrigued to see that some Peter Schickele wannabe named Ernest Acher recorded a "Rite of the Rose," along with other such mashups in an album entitled "Mischief with Mozart: Classical Combat with the Classics." I haven't been able to find an audio sample, but it's not hard to imagine.

I'll post this over in my growing Tune Theft Archive as well.

Recording Sources: Stravinsky, Piaf

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- Gregory - said...

Jeepers, I never knew there was so much musical theft. I always thought it was just inspiration. I'm glad I don't have to deal with the stress of being a composer. What if you write something that someone else did, its entirely possible! Who knows what kind of prior art is out there waiting to kick you in the copyright. And I thought singing a High C was hard. O.o

- Gregg -