Friday, July 31, 2009

Mr. Stravinsky's Random Accent Generator

[See also 2012 update to this post here.]

Here ends my longest blogging hiatus to date. My last post was on June 17, and I almost failed to get a single July post in. Actually, I thought I'd get this posted a few days ago, but this project took on a little life of its own. Coincidentally (or, perhaps, not so coincidentally), my previous blog post also concerned Stravinsky. In yet another recent post, I wondered aloud if some of Stravinsky's famously off-kilter accents might be so familiar that they'd benefit from some improvised shifting around of emphasis. And that pretty much led to this:

Follow the link and see what happens!

I'll refrain from commenting more for now (although I have much to say about the experiment), mainly because I'm running out of time and I'm determined not to have a blogless July. Blogging will probably continue to be slow-ish for the rest of the summer, but I hope to work my way back in over the next month or so. Time will tell... [UPDATE: Much more musing about this here.]

In the meantime, you can always review these fun Stravinsky/Rite links from the past, including the first appearance of Simpsonized Igor.

The Rite of Springfield (Simpsonized Stravinsky)

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