Saturday, August 11, 2007

Still Life

Now that my summer teaching is almost over (it would be completely over if I'd gotten my grading finished - always with the grading, sigh), a little family vacation time meant I could finally try out what Hugh Sung suggested as a Spring Break activity. As it happens, my daughter's been asking about stop-motion animation since she recently rewatched some of the amazingly wonderful Wallace and Gromit movies. Whereas Hugh's boys went the robots at war direction, our project has turned into a wedding scene - a wedding which will also be featuring a ballerina performing because, well, we have a ballerina Bendo, and because an 8-year old girl is running the show. I don't know how far we'll get with it, but our first experiments were kind of fun and successful AND only take 13 seconds to view. (AND I don't have anything else to post for now, although stuff's coming.)

[As a little "music and meaning" side note, it's striking to me how adding a soundtrack takes it to the next level - admittedly, still a pretty low level, but there's no question the musical associations help bring these littles stills to life.]

[UPDATE: We added a little zoom-in to the video. It's not much different, but the original posted version is here.]

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Hugh Sung said...

Bravo! Beautifully filmed!