Sunday, September 23, 2007

At least they'll make the playoffs

Sorry it's been so slow here. Maybe it's just malaise picked up from following the Red Sox as they swoon through September, but things'll pick up. I could pretend I was just following the wise counsel of Hugh Sung, who hasn't been e-seen since he blogged about backing off from e-obsession, but I've spent just as much too much time online as ever. It's just one of those times when my blog posts sit half-finished past their expiration dates, but there's no point in writing more about not writing.

We'll see what tomorrow brings . . .


Hugh Sung said...

Hm...i could be wrong, but i think you meant to link to this blog post:
"The Power of the 'OFF' Button"

Hope you're having a great start to a new school year! Take care!

Michael Monroe said...

Yep. Sorry about that.