Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why Twitter exists...

I'm beginning to fear that this will one day be known as the Spring That Ate My Blog - so much insanity, so little time, so many posts that haven't seen the light of day. Anyway, I do still Twitter every now and then, and nothing's more fun on Twitter than a good, ridiculous meme. Today, someone started tweeting "composerfilm" titles in the vein of "Bach to the Future" and "Schindler's Liszt." To say that I am defenseless in the face of such a challenge would be a great understatement. Titles started flying out of my TweetDeck faster than I could think to stop them. Some of my own that I particularly like include:

A Room With a Vieuxtemps

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Rorem

Batman and Scriabin

Amazing Grace and Gluck

The Good, the Bad, and the Lully

Bob and Carol and Ted and Tallis

Barefoot in Duparc

Saturday Night Biber

Crocodile D'Indy

But that's not all. There was: Up in Glière, Honegger to Remember, Sibelius Saint Mary's, Dances with Wolf, The Two Joan Towers - even Hot Tub Time Messiaen. Yes, it's been a productive day in the mind of MMmusing.

Some other favorites that I can't claim credit for:

I think a meme like this may have gone around before, but this one definitely caught fire. You can see hundreds of submissions by going here and then searching "#composerfilms".

I've started a meme or two myself, though none of mine has really caught fire - not even #violaopera. But, you can find some classic #violaopera titles, and even crazier items such as #violapalindrome by visiting this archive of my first 2000 Twitter posts. Just go there and search the page for the terms above - just searching viola can be fun as well. (I'm up over 2200 Twitter posts now, but haven't archived them all yet.)

Blog posts will come...

[UPDATE: Other fun memes to search in the archive include #operaplot, which of course is what got me on Twitter in the first place, and its subsidiaries: #operaplotpalindrome, #operasequel, #operacrostic, and #operagram.]


The Tailender said...

Oh dear me what have I started? It was only meant as a bit of fun, honest...
I'm glad you enjoyed it, and do keep contributing (if there are any left). A personal favourite of mine: The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, Halevy; and yours: The Curious Case of Benjamin Britten. I know you thought it obvious, but there is a delicious simplicity about it.


Thanks, and congrats on a great meme.

I'd forgotten about "The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, Haley." That was one of my favorites.