Monday, December 1, 2008

They're back...

Having a little trouble getting caught up from all the work I didn't do over Thanksgiving Break, but we might as well get December off to a proper start by bringing this back. Let's get those total YouTube views up over 1000, shall we? (We're at 993 now, so it's not too long a trip.) Useful for family singalongs and those music history review sessions that are just around the corner. Without further ado (since I'm about to be late for rehearsal):

Read about last year's minor (very minor) Christmas miracle.


Unknown said...

Not that it's a contest, but my YouTube video-view count is well over 3K.

Then again, I've time on my hands, since I only need to be at this keyboard and don't have perfect children to raise!


Unknown said...

Hello. I have enjoyed browsing through some of your old posts. I linked to your blog from a post in Alex Ross's excellent "The Rest is Noise" blog. I will check back again to see what you are up to. Thanks