Friday, February 1, 2008

More Synthpathetic Vibrations

Following the discovery of my last post, the logical next step was to let one of the Virtual Singers try out Beirut's "Scenic World." Again, here's Mr. Zach Condon. Here's the new Virtual Version. I realize there's a chance I'm offending all sorts of Beirut fans, but if this is what people want to hear, I don't think it will be that long before a virtual voice is conquering the pop world. It may take a little longer to conquer opera, but maybe that will happen too. No more sick sopranos (unless the software crashes!). Hey, we accompanists have been facing this future for some time; it's only fair that singers would be next.

Meanwhile, my oh-so clever post title demanded that this be done.

[Amusing Addendum: My 2-yr-old daughter is now walking around humming the "Scenic World" tune. However, her voice is so sweet and perfect, no computer could ever copy it.]

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