Monday, February 11, 2008

Found Music, Part 2

Sitting in my drafts folder are five unfinished posts started within the last week. The fifth was intended to explain succinctly why these posts haven't been getting posted - but now it has expanded into something that's not ready to be finished, and I only have ten free minutes left today. So, just to get me back in the game, let's go with another example of found music, if only to give me an excuse to link back to my first foray into this field. Last time I only combined two works (and that, arguably, is a better bet for getting something interesting), but last night, as I was posting the ten listening excerpts I'd played for a recent music history quiz, I couldn't resist setting all the clips going at once.

Hear here.

A lovely wall of sound from the Early Baroque. Enjoy!

[NOTE: It reminds me a little bit of some moments in Albert Herring, when Britten has all the characters singing at once, not necessarily in synch with each other. If I have time and the inclination, perhaps I'll post a DIY version of these 10 Baroque excerpts, so you can "find" your own music.]

. . . also see the Vertical Christmas Medley.

1 comment:

The Omniscient Mussel said...

Sounds like the practice rooms at Uni, except for there are singers in this clip.

After a while, all that sound just becomes a happy background of busyness.