Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Random thoughts on a sick day

With my poor toddler sick, I find myself sitting co-watching Piglet's Big Adventure. Ah, Spring Break! Two quick observations from the couch:
  1. Yet another incredibly annoying DVD menu. I was grateful that, unlike some Disney DVDs, this one allows a quick exit from the endless automatic previews by hitting the menu button. However, it turns out there's one of those long, clever video transitions before the menu arrives and then you have to wait about 30 seconds before the menu becomes active as a voiceover explains how to use it. I realize this is designed to help children, but there must be another way. Who is the person who signs off and says, "Yes, this is the way this DVD should be. It should take at least a minute for an adult to get the movie started. Ship it."
  2. Carly Simon's songs in this (and other Pooh movies) are awwwwful. This is not just some classical guy taking a swipe at pop music. (I've said in this blog that Aimee Mann's songs in Magnolia are one of the best integrations of music into any movie.) These are just awwwful songs. The lyrics are poorly conceived, the tunes are poorly conceived, and the singing is poor. Ugh. Too bad the Disney folks didn't hook up with Mieczysław Weinberg.

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I did learn that I could get past the menu transitions by hitting menu again. Should've thought of that, but I still can't understand why these sorts of things aren't more standardized. Every DVD seems to be a different experience that too rarely gives the user easy control.