Friday, March 16, 2007

Hatto Movie?

Geoff Edgers of the Boston Globe was kind enough to mention my sonnets a couple of days ago and I notice they've also been linked now at Andrys Basten's Hatto central. Of course, media interest in the Hatto story has definitely slowed way down now, as always happens with sensational stories. (I should've cranked out those sonnets weeks ago; they could've been the jump the shark moment for Hattogate.) I keep hoping to see the list of pirated recordings get longer, but new entries only trickle in little by little.

Still, I hope we get a movie out of this. I'm rooting to see Nathan Lane as W.H. Barrington-Coupe. He played a great lovable con man on Frasier once. If we could get just get Judi Dench on as Joyce Hatto, Oscar nominations would be guaranteed. Unfortunately, it would probably be ruined when they cast Julia Roberts as a composite of the guy who first made the iTunes discovery, the Gramophone reporters, the Pristine Audio guy, and Jessica Duchen. Inevitably, she'd fall in love with László Simon, played with transcendentally frenetic energy by Tom Cruise. I'm not saying I wouldn't watch it . . .

Anyway, since I'm supposed to be blogging less for the next few days, here's some links to Hatto posts past. She'll always have a place in my blogging heart.

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