Saturday, February 24, 2024

Seventeen, Going on Eighteen

No time for a major post to celebrate this blog's seventeenth anniversary. But I thought I'd post this fun video I made a little over a year ago. It's been on my list of things to blog about for all of that time, and I'd still like to say more about it, but the basics are as follows:

I'd created a worksheet for an Intro to Music Theory class which provided a series of arpeggios. The students' job was to identify the triad quality represented by each arpeggio. As usual with a worksheet, I made some effort to create a semi-random sequence of triads so there wouldn't be any obvious pattern to help students guess the answers. This also means that the patterns created were intended not to have any clear functional relationship from bar to bar. But...I noticed while absent-mindedly playing the page for the class that I kind of liked the way the unintentional progression progressed. 

So, I tweaked a couple of minor things, added a bass line, and soon had produced this fun little bit of ambient music. 

Of course, the blog has been sustained over these seventeen years by all manner of accidental inspirations, so aimless and random as this might seem, it kind of fits the spirit of MMmusing. Happy MMmusing Day!

UPDATE: I meant to add that this little "accidental composition" reminds me of the theme song for the "Cautionary Tales" podcast. (You may hear that theme used in context around the 3:10 mark here.) Has a similar off-kilter progression and a similar way of building up layers. So, if you have an off-kilter podcast and are looking for a theme song, let me know!

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