Tuesday, October 31, 2023

It talks!

Just to put a bow on my previous post, I'm back with one more version of my Erlkönig in G Major. Though it might seem I'd taken this as far as I could, there was still a level of horror to unlock: have a creepy synth voice sing the new "translation" I'd made to go with the major/minor tonality flips. (Please don't mention that there is theoretically yet another step, which would be to have a real person sing this.)

So, what better day than October 31 to prove that Schubert had only begun to explore the darkness in his iconic song? There is lovely irony in the fact that turning the tune to major actually makes it more disturbing than the original. The same is true for the way a disembodied synth voice brings its own special kind of undeadness that no live human could quite achieve. I hope.

And no, the diction's not great (my choir members will note that I never seem to care much about diction anyway except as it affects sound/blend), but the price is right with this virtual singer software.

As it happens, I recently updated my "pinned" Twitter post to say:
To quote Sondheim: "I'm still here!" Check out my unique multimedia creations, many either visualizing or distorting (or both) the classics. YouTube: youtube.com/MMmusing Blog (16+ years): mmmusing.blogspot.com Random Sampler (spin the wheel!): thedoctorinspiteofhimself.com/machine.html

Only later did I realized the "16+ years" might look like some sort of age restriction. I reasoned that I had in fact produced plenty of disturbing content over the years, and so that inspired the creation of this little playlist which might also be appropriate for Halloween. 

And in fact, though I did show Schubert's original Erlkönig to some lucky 8th Grade music classes today, I think they probably should be a little older before they hear it in major.

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