Monday, March 23, 2009

Piano Hero Level Four: Piano Anti-Hero

Wish I had more time to blog right now, but things are getting a little crazy. However, Piano Hero is back after a two-week break. The truth is, I'd originally thought of doing Tchaikovsky 4 for "Level Four," perhaps deluded by this mindblowingly great lecture moment into thinking it would sound good on piano. I love Tchaik 4, but the first movement did not sound good on the piano (a blog-worthy topic in its own right), at least not in the 4-hand version we had, so we decided to take an extra week off after Spring Break. (To be really honest, it also wasn't that easy to read!)

However, Copland's arrangements of music from Billy the Kid and Rodeo sound great on the piano, so I'm excited about this week. Such great music, and such fun, and fortunately not requiring too much practicing.

Blogging will probably remain slow for the next couple of weeks....

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Unknown said...

I'm working on a solo version of the scherzo movement from Tchaik 4, if it turns out ok, I'd be happy to send you a copy.