Friday, February 27, 2009

Piano Hero Trailer

[UPDATE: Level Three video excerpt now posted.]

I'm not totally proud of my playing here, but we were basically sightreading from a very badly scanned score - at times the notes seemed to be less specific instructions than abstract suggestions about where to throw the fingers. It was exciting, if a bit less fluid than the previous week's Beethoven #1. It was also exciting when I somehow forgot to bring an oboe in just before the recap of the first movement - fortunately, Nathan did a great job of "treading water" while I regained consciousness and, although the return of the big tune wasn't quite arrived at via Mendelssohn's plan, it was a dramatic way to start a recap. I was just relieved that we were still going.

But, none of that is in the video above. The point of these little Piano Hero events is the thrill of the moment, and although I was surprised how much I enjoyed listening to the complete performance, I'd rather not have it preserved in the blogosphere.

You can read more about all this here.

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