Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Channeling MM

Now that I seem to be YouTubing on a regular basis, the multimedia focus of MM is becoming ever more apparent. I love the serendipity of this embedded meaning in the name MMmusing. I invented the moniker both as a play on my name (Michael Monroe) and on the intended focus on music and meaning, but it's long since become obvious that the creation of multimedia content is part of my musing mission as well.

So, I've officially created my own YouTube Channel (which basically means I updated the wallpaper that was there and organized a couple of playlists.) Pretty much anything that shows up there will show up here as well, but you're still welcome to subscribe to the channel if you'd like. And don't forget that you can sample lots of other multimedia content in the Guide to MMmusing or via the come-what-may Multimedia Musing Machine in the margin.

And a hearty welcome to those who've stumbled by following today's Faculty Forum. (Yes, that was a sentence fragment. Welcome to blogging.)

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