Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Spin the wheel!

Much like the Red Sox, I'm still sputtering along here, and it looks as if I'll be doing more grading than blogging on July 4th. However, don't forget that you can spin the 'ol MMmusing Machine wheel over there in the margin. I especially enjoy landing here and here. (Yes, I do take trips on my own musing machine.) Who knows where you'll land?

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Joanna said...

That was fun. I got sent to Susanna's rendition of Madeline, which is always charming. I still laugh out loud when she gets to her exuberant, "DANTON-TEN-SIX!" I'm also amused by the occasional trace of what could be a southern accent. Where'd that come from?

I also went to the freaky voice simulators. I hope I can get those sounds out of my head soon!