Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What a little moonlight can do...

Short, simple post here. A twitter acquaintance made note that an internet radio station was mistakenly cutting back and forth between two different recordings; another Twitter acquaintance helpfully (?) suggested this was just my sort of thing (see last post), and I was suddenly imagining what pieces might make nice jump-cut partners. I had the idea of splicing quickly and methodically back and forth between two distinct pieces to see if the ear could somehow hear each half as complete, but didn't get so far with that idea - yet. In the meantime, I found myself with a couple of enchanting moonlight mashups. I won't say more about them now, but just note that there are surprisingly lovely moments in each one. You be the judge.

UPDATE: Similar-ish stuff from the past:
Lengthy playlist with many more...and what is it about moonlight?

UPDATE 2 (10/9/13): Hear the live performance.

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