Saturday, September 8, 2012

No Danny Elfman on This Recital

It's a good thing it's a Saturday, so I don't have pesky classes and meetings to deter me from practicing for my recital which is due to happen in just over 1 week. (See here or here, or read lots of words about it here.) Yet, somehow I found time to do this:

[click pic to view larger]

I never thought it would go this far when I first Simpsonized myself and Stravinsky back in 2007 (I don't even watch The Simpsons much anymore, though I own seasons 1-8 on DVD), but I feel my identity is slowly merging with that avatar. And at least it hasn't aged in five years.

Also, you'll note that I've given our family trio a pretentious name. If it doesn't quite make sense to you, here's the progression:


(I thought of going as far as "montrieault" since my wife's surname ends in "-eault," but that would just be going too far. I do love playing in mon trio, by the way.)

And now...yes, more practicing.

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