Sunday, November 20, 2016

Bidin' my time waiting for a legit reason to blog...

For all the meta-multimedia mashup musing M.M. (from Massachusetts) has done here over the years, I've steered pretty clear of that ever-popular social media "m," the meme.* For the record, I'm annoyed that the broad and culturally interesting term "meme," which can apply to a wide variety of ideas and expressions that become widely disseminated, has become mostly associated with silly text applied to existing images. I'm even more annoyed with people who think they've "created a meme," when they've simply created an instance of a meme. I will not take credit for creating a meme, but I will submit some silly text I've recently applied to existing images.

An organist/church music director friend wrote the other day on Facebook about how much he loves the "Biden memes," in which the vice-president is depicted as a fun-loving prankster saying all manner of less than vice-presidential things to Obama and others. It's easy enough to Google "Biden memes" to get a sampling, but I figured my organist friend might enjoy imagining Biden talking music as well.

I'm not saying these are particularly good, but they exist, and here they are:

{If you've never heard "Young Messiah," here's a sample [1:01:08]}

That last one isn't very funny, but I was proud of Photoshopping a Stravinsky score into Biden's hands.

* OK, there was this uneven series of takes on one of the first popular Internet memes.

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