Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Rite Stuff

In my last post, I mentioned both that 1) I'm looking for ways to organize my blog archives and that 2) The Rite of Spring has been the most frequently revisited topic here. Archiving the Rite stuff seemed like as good a way as any to get started. Maybe this isn't the most practical of organizational strategies, but here I present my first-ever image map, kind of a fun way to collect all my Rite content into one multimedia mashup.

Image Map

My intent was (is) to write a nice little essay about the Rite of Spring as cultural icon, using these various posts and multimedia creations [all clickable from within the image above] as featured players - but, for now, you can tell that I'm still more interested in tossing things together semi-randomly than in doing my homework. Maybe that's the point of this blog...

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