Monday, October 8, 2007

Manufactured Meanings

A point of clarification with respect to that last post.

When I talked about manufactured meanings, what I meant was that there's no reason it should matter that "Michael Monroe," "Mind/Meaning," "MultiMedia" (and "Manufactured Meaning"!) all can be acronyMMed as MM, and yet I can't help feel that these coincidental initials help to reinforce and even unify my musing mission. If I were named James Monroe, maybe everything would be different; because we find meaning in such coincidences, they become meaningful. The allure of anagrams is an even better example of this. It shouldn't really mean anything that the letters of Clint Eastwood can be scrambled into "Old West Action," but it sure is interesting. Of course, the entire idea of poetry (and, really, just about any kind of literature) is dependent on such instances of verbal resonance that help to shape messages. I think I'm wading into that whole medium is the message murkiness, so I'll muse no more for now. This was supposed to be a point of clarification post!

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